2021 Round Five Lights out Scrambles

Round Five Drivers meeting is experiencing technical difficulties. Please watch our round four video below. Additional info to be provided on site before the start!

August is here and with it the heat! After two great night races we are left with ony one to go! Are you planning on joining us? REMEMBER, DP4 RACING is the ONLY PLACE where you have the chance to win a complete set of Kenda Tires for taking the win in an Amateur Racing Class! Will you join the racers here at round 5?

Pre-Entry for Round 5 is now officially open! Our pre-entry is handled through MotoTally and can be accessed by clicking the buttons below. Please note that in order to race round 5 in Ridgecrest, you MUST pre-enter, and you MUST be a DP4 series member first. In order to complete the two step signup process, start with the DP4 membership button below.


Once you have signed up for the series (note that it takes approximately 24 hours to process your membership) then you are free to pre-enter for round four! Please click the button below to pre-enter for Round five!

If you have signed up for a membership online, and pre-entered online, then just proceed to the “pre-entry line” at signups to complete your entry!
Note that all participants must have a DP4 Transponder. Transponders are $25 and are reusable at each round!

Signups/Tech Inspection
Saturday 12:00am-4:30pm

www.Tortoissupply.com Live Draw for Start Positions
8 PM Friday – Posted to Facebook Live! Come see it in person at “The Joint” in Randsburg! Additional details to be posted.

Entry Fees
Pro – $425 (Includes $100 pro purse)
Pro purse to be paid Per Pro Class based off of entries
Amateur- $325
DP4 Membership- Pro – $50 / Amateur – $25/Co Driver – $25
DP4 transponder (reusable) – $25
All classes (Pro/Am) eligible for DP401k program!

Riders Meeting
Viewing of the Riders meeting is mandatory for all drivers/co-drivers.
6 PM Friday – Posted to Facebook Live!

Driver Staging / National Anthem

Race Times
Pro/Ami – 7PM

Event Coordinates
35.576022 , -117.558113
“Charlies Place”
Approximately 7.5 miles south of Ridgecrest on Trona Rd just south of Navy Road.

Look for arrows off of US Highway 395 at Trona Rd and Searles Cutoff Rd.

Course Details
Loop Length – approx. 30 miles
Number of Laps – 5 – Grand Prix finish, all riders record a finish regardless of number of laps completed
Pits to remain open to outbound traffic after leader finishes their race for amount of time equal to the difference in the start of the first rider and the start of the last racer. Pits may be closed earlier at the race referees discretion when required for riders safety.
Riders in ALL CLASSES will record a finish after completing at least 1 lap regardless of whether or not they take the checkered flag.
Starting Order to be a random drawing after the closing of signups.

Camping Fees- FREE
Gate Fees- FREE
For more information call 949-584-9395.

Tortoisesupply.com Live Draw Start Order for Round 5!

Row Name Number City St Class Brand
1 Tyler Stewart U973 Las Vegas NV DP4 Pro POL
2 Tim Fields T989 Ojai CA DP4 Pro CAM
3 Chris Blais 2010 Apple Valley CA DP4 Pro CAM
4 Mike Stebles 3987 Clovis CA DP4 Pro CAM
5 Wayne Hicken 67 Corona CA DP4 Pro POL
6 Kimberly Lynch 2905 Palos Verdes Estates CA DP4 Pro CAM
7 Jeff Taylor 985 Canyon Lake CA DP4 Pro
8 George La Monte 1818 Palmdale CA DP4 Pro YAM
9 Mike Zeller U940 Tempe AZ DP4 Pro CAM
10 Jeremy Marsh 27 Ridgecrest CA DP4 Pro POL
11 Ronald Bauer 2915 Las Vegas NV DP4 Pro POL
12 John Kawell T858 Yorba Linda CA DP4 Pro POL
13 Austin Phillips 270 Price UT DP4 Pro POL
14 Charles Moore 1911 Las Vegas NV DP4 Pro NA ART
15 Tony Bartel 939 Ridgecrest CA DP4 Pro NA POL
16 Kolby Buentjen 922 Wildomar CA DP4 Pro NA POL
17 Aaron Clark 1803 Brea CA DP4 Pro NA POL
18 Michael Pascarella 1850 Ridgecrest CA DP4 Pro NA POL
19 Josh Wakeland 1857 Wildomar CA DP4 Pro NA YAM
20 William Markley 1933 Victorville CA DP4 Pro NA POL
21 Tyler Krepsz 64 Riverside CA DP4 Pro NA POL
22 Louis Castillo III 477 Chino CA Prod Turbo CAM
23 Ryan Dickinson 2944X Apple Valley CA Prod Turbo POL
24 Barrett Howarth U933 Hesperia CA Prod Turbo CAM
25 AJ Fernandez OO6 Murrieta CA Prod Turbo CAM
26 Bo Mortimore 101 Phelan CA Prod Turbo POL
27 Mathew Pruett 1216 Ridgecrest ca Prod Turbo CAM
28 Tiffany Protas 2043 San Diego CA Prod Turbo CAM
29 Zach Quiroz 725 Barstow CA Prod Turbo CAM
30 Jeremiah Watson 1021 Apple valley CA Prod Turbo POL
31 Cody Miller 1217 Selma CA Prod Turbo CAM
32 Chuck Cardamon 114 Scottsdale AZ Prod Turbo CAM
33 Daniel Atienza 87 Yucca Valley CA Prod Turbo POL
34 Dave Levinson 598 Las Vegas NV Prod Turbo POL
35 STEVEN GEORGE 909 Redlands CA Prod Turbo CAM
36 Shayan Darvish 2906 Trabuco Canyon CA Prod Turbo POL
37 Victor Gonzalez 30 Los Angeles CA Prod Turbo CAM
38 Kurt Ashley 3911 Gilroy CA Prod 1000 POL
39 Brian Baldwin 1237 Calimesa CA Prod 1000 HON
40 Austin Griffin 110 Ridgecrest CA Prod 1000 POL
41 justin penner 999 riverside CA Prod 1000 YAM
42 Keith Thompson 55 Ridgecrest CA Prod 1000 YAM
43 Zachary Michel 2255 Phelan CA Prod 1000 POL
44 Kyle Krepsz 1874 Riverside CA Prod 1000 POL
45 Dave Schuler 28 Menifee CA Prod 1000 POL
46 Rick Smith 222 Frazier Park CA Stock 1000 KAW
47 JOHN CONNOLLY 911 Tustin CA Stock 1000 KAW
48 Xander Ludwig 694 orange CA Stock 1000 POL
49 Paul Van Horsen 616 Hollister CA Stock 1000 POL
50 Mathew Heckermann 77 Murrieta CA Stock 1000 POL
51 Tim Jones 2288 San Marcos CA Stock 1000 POL
52 Justin Oman 1098 Ridgecrest CA Stock 1000 ART
53 Gary Sewell 20 Altadena CA Stock 1000 HON
54 Anna-Lisa Davis 1070 Phelan CA Stock 1000 POL
55 Hiles Hersley 156 Ridgecrest CA Stock 1000 KAW