BACK FOR 2021!

Check out the DP401k and see how you can win some money just by entering a race!

2022 DP401k Value after 4 Rounds:   $5360

Amount  split 3 ways @ $1780 to each winner if season were to end today.

Who is going to win this year?

Prizes to be awarded at the final round. Drivers MUST to be present to win, however they do not have to have been entered in Round 6 to win.
Three drivers will be selected at random to “earn” their (1/3rd) share of the DP401k year end purse. All pro and amateur classes are eligible for the DP401k.
Drivers are only eligible to “earn” the DP401k drawing one time per race season (there must be 3 separate DP401k “earners”).
DP401k winners will be required to receive all applicable tax documents as required based off of their funds “earned.”

2021 DP401k Value after 6 Rounds:   $8800

Amount  split 3 ways @ $2933  to each winner.

Congratulations to our 2021 DP401k winners

Round 1 – Car 38 – Tyler Sylvester
Round 1 – Car 1011 – Taylor Jenkins
Round 4 – Car U992 – Bill Baker

2020 DP401k Value after 5 Rounds:   $5,460

Amount  split 3 ways @ $1820  to each winner.
Congrats to our 2020 DP401k winners:
Louis Castillo, Buck Vinson, and David Sparks