2023 Round 3

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Round Three GPS Files
Download the GPS Files for Round Three by clicking the links below. Note that links are now valid as of 05/18/2023!




DP4 Racing returns May 20th  for the third round of the 2023 Method Race Wheels/DP4 Racing Championship powered by Tensor Tires. The third round of the series features a 24-mile loop on the in the hills south of Barstow between Slash X Cafe and the 15 freeway. We expect to see races from along the 15 freeway as Round 3 the return of our annual “Twilight Race” for DP4!

Starting at 6pm (Weather permitting) racers should complete 3 laps before he sunset. Strategy will come into play here at Round 3, do you start the race with your lights mounted, or do you made a mid race pit stop to get your car lit up?

With an over $4000 cash purse that pays out not only to the overall winner of the race, but also to each of the amateur class winners (thanks to Extreme Performance), round three is sure to have some excitement for all. Our long list of sponsors including Vision Canopy, Race Co, Pedder Racing Team, Schulz Motorsports and more have helped to grow this purse and provide us a means to give back to all classes in 2023! IT IS NO WONDER WHY SO MANY RACERS ARE SWITCHING TO DP4 RACING HERE IN 2023!

Be sure to watch the riders meeting before hitting the startline. *Riders meeting to be posted ahead of round 3 here:

REMEMBER, DP4 RACING is the ONLY PLACE where you have the chance to win a complete set of either Method Race Wheels or Tensor Tires for taking the win in any racing class at all of our 2023 events! Will you join the racers here at round 3?

Our pre-entry is handled through MotoTally and can be accessed by clicking the buttons below. Please note that in order to pre-enter, you MUST be a DP4 series member first. In order to complete the two step signup process, start with the DP4 membership button below.

Again…all 2023 racing events are PRE-ENTRY ONLY. You MUST SIGN UP ONLINE ahead of the event.

Once you have signed up for the series (note that it takes approximately 24 hours to process your membership) then you are free to pre-enter for round three! Please click the button below to pre-enter for Round three!

Once signed up, all racers and their co-drivers/pit  crews must come to sign ups during open hours to obtain their wristbands.
Note that all participants must have a DP4 Transponder. Transponders are $25 and are reusable at each round!

Signups/Tech Inspection
Saturday 1:00pm-4:00pm

Entry Fees
Pro – $525 (Includes $100 pro purse)
Amateur- $425
DP4 Membership- Pro – $50 / Amateur – $25/Co-Driver Membership- $25
(CO-Driver Membership Mandatory for all co-drivers)
DP4 transponder (reusable) – $25
All classes (Pro/Am) eligible for DP401k program!

Riders Meeting
Riders meeting is mandatory for all drivers/co-drivers and will be posted here for viewing. starting Wednesday May 18th.

Driver Staging / National Anthem

Race Times
Pro/Ami – 6PM
(Note that race time is subject to delay for heat conditions if necessary)
Event Coordinates
34.7599N, -117.0102W

Approximately 9 miles South of Hwy 15 on Barstow Rd/HWY 247.
Look for turn off at “Slash X Cafe” 9-miles south of Hwy 15 on Barstow Rd/Hwy247. Note that staging area is approximately 1.5 miles West of Slash X Cafe off of a dirt rd. Use caution to avoid dust while driving on dirt road and adjacent properties to Slash X Cafe.

Course Details
Loop Length – approx 24 miles
Number of Laps – 5 – Grand Prix finish, all riders record a finish regardless of number of laps completed
Riders in ALL CLASSES will record a finish after completing at least 1 lap regardless of whether or not they take the checkered flag.

Motion Pro Round Three Pit Crew Challenge – BACK FOR 2023!
$50 entry (Donation to Roc Crew)- 3 Pit Crews Max Prize provided by Motion Pro
7:45 PM Friday – Posted to Facebook Live!

Those Side by Side Guys Live Draw for Start Positions
8 PM Friday – Posted to Facebook Live!
*Note that you must be pre entered to be a part of the live draw

Camping Fees- FREE
Gate Fees- FREE
Look for signage off of Barstow Road just west of Slash X Cafe.
For more information call 949-584-9395

Draw order from our Those Side by Side Guys Live Draw at Slash X Ranch! *this may display better on a phone if your turn your phone sideways

Start Row Number Name City St Class Brand
1 47 Brian Mundell Big Bear City CA DP4 Pro CAM
2 3 David Placencia Hesperia CA DP4 Pro POL
3 52 Shawn Stephy RIDGECREST Ca DP4 Pro POL
4 2 Jeff Taylor Canyon Lake CA DP4 Pro CAM
5 9 jeremy marsh RIDGECREST CA DP4 Pro POL
6 8 Alex Berg Lake Oswego OR DP4 Pro POL
7 89 Tim Fields Ojai CA DP4 Pro CAM
8 45 Carter Kawell Crestline CA DP4 Pro POL
9 66 Chris Blais Apple Valley CA DP4 Pro CAM
10 19 Ethan Groom Temecula CA DP4 Pro POL
11 50 Zach Quiroz Barstow CA DP4 Pro CAM
12 48 Eric Perkett Escondido CA DP4 Pro CAM
13 207 Mikey Kelly Anaheim CA Pro Unl POL
14 208 dallas Gonzalez Fort Mohave AZ Pro Unl POL
15 204 Clayton Schulz Buckeye AZ Pro Unl POL
16 264 Sean Krepsz Jr Riverside CA Pro Unl POL
17 201 Jesse Gage Lancaster CA Pro Unl SUZ
18 277 Brayden Baker Anaheim Hills CA Pro Unl POL
19 205 Nicholas McPhee Riverside CA Pro Unl POL
20 105 Zachary Kisman Sparks NV DP4 Pro NA KAW
21 184 Dave Pedder Rancho Santa Fe CA DP4 Pro NA HON
22 116 Jason Brisco Huntington Beach CA DP4 Pro NA POL
24 102 Ricky Brabec mohave valley AZ DP4 Pro NA HON
25 114 Chanse Parsley Goodyear AZ DP4 Pro NA POL
26 156 Hyles Hersley Ridgecrest CA DP4 Pro NA KAW
27 355 Soloman Kiefer HESPERIA CA Prod Turbo CAM
28 382 Seth Jones Hemet CA Prod Turbo POL
29 317 Dylan Tharp Ridgecrest CA Prod Turbo CAM
30 369 Steven Machado Victorville CA Prod Turbo CAM
31 329 Paul Fitzgerald Las Vegas NV Prod Turbo CAM
32 384 Cory VITALO Truckee CA Prod Turbo POL
33 311 Josh Tanner Anaheim CA Prod Turbo POL
34 361 Kahle Steinmetz Escondido CA Prod Turbo POL
35 307 Josh Gibbs Earp CA Prod Turbo POL
36 306 MARIO CABRALES Upland CA Prod Turbo CAM
37 388 Jeff Martin Wasco CA Prod Turbo CAM
38 330 Kevin Self Ridgecrest CA Prod Turbo POL
39 304 Von Trunk Cathedral city CA Prod Turbo POL
40 385 Jeff Ratliff Canyon Lake Ca Prod Turbo POL
41 323 Dereck Butterfield Rialto CA Prod Turbo CAM
42 339 Ben Protas San Diego Ca Prod Turbo
43 372 Parker Gill San Diego CA Prod Turbo POL
44 332 Don Shapen Winnetka CA Prod Turbo POL
46 310 Andy Guzamn Prod Turbo
46 371 Cory Johannsen Murrieta CA Prod Turbo POL
47 425 John Minnock Wrightwood CA Prod 1000 POL
48 428 Carter Markley Victorville CA Prod 1000 POL
49 418 Tim Moore Anaheim CA Prod 1000 ART
50 429 Enrique Rascon Canyon Country CA Prod 1000 ART
51 402 Zachary Michel Phelan CA Prod 1000 POL
52 420 JOHN CONNOLLY Tustin CA Prod 1000 KAW
53 416 Christian Terle Tehachapi CA Prod 1000 HON
54 430 Brett Stephey Ridgecrest CA Prod 1000 POL
55 410 Keith Thompson RIDGECREST CA Prod 1000 YAM
56 419 Brody Wurster Valley Center CA Prod 1000 HON
57 517 Jake Taylor Canyon Lake CA Stock 1000 KAW
58 505 Anna-Lisa Davis Phelan CA Stock 1000 POL
59 526 Evan Shine
60 508 Mathew Heckermann Murrieta CA Stock 1000 POL
61 547 David Pedder JR Hemet CA Stock 1000 HON
62 518 Trevor Griffin Ridgecrest CA Stock 1000 POL