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How would you like to add additional points to your overall yearly score for the DP4 Championship? 

At DP4 events, the driver of record has the ability to earn an addition 1 point at each race event by volunteering two people (18yrs or older) to work an event post, ie: check, road crossing, or pit duties for the entire race day.  The points earned will be used at the end of the racing season when calculating the yearly points.

If there is a tie for the championship, the driver with the most volunteer points will take all the glory and the championship! (winner-winner-chicken-dinner).  Volunteers must be scheduled two weeks in advance of the event.  The driver of record must submit their volunteer request to the DP4 Racing email address [email protected].  All volunteers must be accompanied by the driver of record at registration, where their duty assignments will be issued.

Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation to and from their duty assignment.  DP4 will issue all required equipment and safety vest.  All issued items must be return to DP4 at the end of the volunteer’s duty assignment, if not the volunteer “point” will not be awarded nor earned.  All volunteers must attend the volunteer briefing (see event schedule for time and location).

All volunteers are required to sign the liability release form before any involvement within the racing event.  Volunteers are not an employee, contactor nor ruling official of DP4, and are not entitled to any compensation for their volunteering services.

If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to us at [email protected].