Roc Crew

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The DP4 Racing Roc Crew works tirelessly to be an industry leading search and recovery team at all DP4 events. Unique to DP4 Racing, the ROC Crew works with race ops to ensure that all drivers are accounted for throughout the duration of all DP4 events. Should they need to tow in a disabled car, coordinate a location for our Mercy Air Helicopter support, or provide an update on the location of the leaders, the Roc Crew serve as the eyes on the ground for the DP4 Racing Team!

ROC Pete

Roc Pete is an OG Roc Crew member being one of two soldiers to never miss a DP4 event. Along with his buddy Ron, Roc Pete has driven countless desert miles over the years. A member of the 100’s MC, Pete can drive his 4-Runner better than anyone out there. Generally racers are amazed to see the places he can get his rig, and after 20 years of experiences hosting Desert Races, Roc Pete has seen it all.


The other OG Roc Crew member, Roc Ron has never missed a DP4 event. Another member of the 100s MC, Ron is likely one of the largest men you will ever see in your life. It was once said that he saved a family of baby Coyotes by single handedly lifting a rolled over CAN AM X3 with nothing but his bear hands. You should hope that he finds you in your time of need, because he is sure to help you regardless of your problem.

ROC Greg

Whether he be working the radio as race relay, or out on the trail in his Grand Cherokee Wagon, Roc Greg knows a thing or two about racing. After growing up watching his grandfather Dick Dahn race all around Baja, Roc Greg was lucky enough to meet the team when his mom started hanging with the Bad Lt. Now Greg spends his time teaching the Lt. the right way to do things. Hang around Greg and you’ll learn a thing or two about the desert.

ROC Jason

ROC Jason is the definition of WORK HORSE. A member of the 100′ MC, Jason has been hosting desert races for years. It was once said that Roc Jason spent a whole day working the race course, and then a whole night cleaning it. That rumor is absolutely true as Ryan saw it happen first hand. A staple of the DP4 Roc Crew, Jason is as reliable as the morning sunrise. Be sure to say hi when you see him in the pits, it’s a rarity for him to not be out on the race course.


After hearing all of the hype of DP4 Racing, Roc Wes showed up out of the dark of the desert to help at our first ever night race. He has been back ever since, and has one of the baddest Jeeps out there. If you see him rolling down the trail, you know you are in good hands.

ROC Bruce

Roc Bruce has known The Bad Lt. since before the Lt. was bad! A long time friend of the Russell family, Bruce has been all over the desert for years. His Polaris Rzr is the perfect tool to patrol the race course, and if you see him out there be sure to smile because he is one of the nicest guys out there!

ROC Wally

The brother of Roc Wes, Roc Wally virtually showed up out of no where. Armed with his own radio, the DP4 team sent him out into the dark for his first event ever, and the rest is history. With a Jeep Wrangler of his own, Wally is fully 4×4 capable to bringing anyone out of the desert. Look for his smile in the pits before the start of the race, and be sure to sound your horn when passing as he will likely horn you back.

ROC Lobster

Often times enjoyed around the camp fire after spending 10-20 minutes in some boiling water, Roc Lobster is not at all capable of helping you out in the desert. Made popular by the B52’s back in 1978, the only place your likely to see (or hear) Roc Lobster is on the DP4 Racing Podium Trailer. Be sure to tell the DP4 Crew your looking for Roc Lobster and you might just get a dance party at the finish line!

ROC Mike

Known by many as MORE MIKE, but to us a Roc Mike, this desert cat has been assisting with vehicle recoveries at off road races for longer than many of our racers have been alive. Armed with his trusty Ford Explorer, Roc Mike could fix a broken race car with two rocks and a handful of sand if needed. Look for Roc Mike at a DP4 race near you!

ROC Bill

A little known fact abut Roc Bill is that he is quite possibly faster than most of the DP4 racers out there. A multi-time AMA Off Road Champion, Roc Bill actually holds an AMA National Championship for the work he has done in the ATV class. Today Roc Bill works with the DP4 team as a local of Ridgecrest and knows more about the local trails than the guy who designs the race course! Often times, Roc Bill drives his Rzr right from his house, and he is always one of the first responders regardless of where he is on the race course!

ROC Bill R

Basically, and there is no sugar coating it, Roc Bill R taught us all everything we know. A member of the 100’s motorcycle club for nearly 50 years, Bill is the man when it comes to the desert and racing rules. Roc Bill R works tirelessly to build all of our night race markings, and after a grand career as a US Marine and then a member of the US Postal Service,  Roc Bill R has found enjoyment spending his retirement helping host some of the best desert races out there.

ROC Jeremy

Learning the ropes from the 100’s MC, Roc Jeremy has done it all for DP4. From setting up race courses, to manning road crossings, Roc Jeremy is a jack of all trades on the DP4 Roc Crew. Looks for him on his bike, in his truck, or even up on the podium waving the checkered flag. Roc Jeremy is the kind of guy that you want on your team, we are are happy and PROUD to have him on our team!

ROC Jacob

Odds are if you have attended a DP4 event, you have heard Roc Jacob on the radio. Be it running sign ups, coordinating start and finish times of riders, or just basically running the show from scoring, Roc Jacob keeps the race running when everyone else is worried abut their riders. When Roc Jacob isn’t working with DP4, he is spending his weekends crossing the country running races for countless other racing series. We are lucky to have him for 6 races a year, and he is a major part of the DP4 success story!


Roc Rob is another off road expert having hosted races for more years that many can count. Working with the 100’s MC Roc Rob has learned his way around a race course. Often times helping to set up the DP4 Race course Rob uses his desert Savvy to help pick trails that will make for the most fun. A specialist in making impossible trails passable, Rob has spent a fine day with a pic and a shovel to make sure that you are all out there continuing to have fun. Look for Roc Rob at a desert race near you.

The DP4 Racing ROC Crew is a special breed of “do whatever it takes” individuals. If you think you have what it takes to join the Roc Crew, send an email to [email protected]. Whether you have years of racing experience, or just want to learn the ropes, we would be happy to have you!
DP4 Racing wants to extend a special thanks to Mercy Air for supporting the DP4 Roc Crew. Their sponsorship of the DP4 Roc Crew helps to make it possible for our racers to be constantly monitored while out on the race course. The DP4 Roc Crew paired with the Mercy Air flight crew means that we have total coverage of our race courses at all events!