Cali Rally Saturday Maps

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Racing Day 2

Racers will line up on Saturday November 4th (day 2) at 8:30am and start their transfer section from Johnson Valley to Barstow at 9am with one car leaving every 20 seconds. This transfer section will be speed controlled and monitored by the GPS units. Note that a penalty will be assessed for speeding in the transfer section, and will be applied by the race officials with penalties applied up to and including disqualification at the discretion of the race referee. All SXS are required to complete the transfer section from Johnson Valley to Barstow under their own power. Posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour, and this will be marked on the GPS as well. The transfer section is approx. 24.5 miles, and should take approx. 1 hour to complete. Upon completing the transfer, racers will line up for the start in Barstow and racing will commence at 10:20 with the first car leaving the line and subsequent cars following every 20 seconds. The day’s racing will be concluded when racers finish their 4th lap, or when the pits close.

Upon completing the racing for day two, finishers will congregate near he finish until the transfer section back to Johnson Valley opens up. *Note that this time will be posted at the riders meeting prior to day two of racing, but will be approximately one hour after the leader finishes the race. Racers are encouraged to give their car a once over once prior to taking to the transfer section to return home.

Should a SXS be damaged and unable to be driven under its own power to complete the transfer section back to Johnson Valley, the driver of record may request (before transporting and by contacting scoring) to transport the SXS back to the main pits via trailer on the highway, but the driver of record will receive a 60-minute penalty to be applied to their finish time on day 2.

Day 2 Starting Order (Saturday November 4th) – Starting order will be determined by the race 1 finish positions within each class with the class winner from day 1 starting FIRST in their class.

Saturday November 4th 2023

8:30AM – Riders stage for the start of the transfer section (in starting order for day 2)

9:00 AM – Racers start the transfer section 1 car every 20 seconds

10:20AM – Race Starts for all racers

1PM – First racer expected to finish day one of racing

2:30PM – Last racer expected to finish day 2 of racing/ Transfer section back to Johnson Valley opens

5PM – Day two results are posted and start order is announced for day three of racing

6PM – Riders meeting for day three of racing at the sign ups tent.

Note that you DO NOT need to have a dropbox account to download from the links below. If you need help with your map system, come see Richards from Rugged Radios at the sign up tent!


Starting order for Day Two as determined by the Day One Finish Positions:

Start Row Number Name City St Class Brand
1 19 Ethan Groom Temecula CA DP4 Pro POL
2 50 Zach Quiroz Barstow Ca DP4 Pro CAM
3 47 Brian Mundell Big Bear City CA DP4 Pro CAM
4 8 Alex Berg Lake Oswego OR DP4 Pro POL
5 45 Carter Kawell DP4 Pro POL
6 44 Nich McPhee DP4 Pro CAM
7 3 David Placentia DP4 Pro CAM
8 264 Sean Krepsz Jr Riverside CA Pro Unl POL
9 203 Jeff Goldsmith Columbia TN Pro Unl POL
10 102 Ricky Brabec mohave valley AZ DP4 Pro NA HON
11 105 Zachary Kisman Sparks NV DP4 Pro NA KAW
12 156 Hiles Hersley Ridgecrest CA Pro NA KAW
13 199 Steve Knight Pro NA HON
14 104 Kurt Ashley Gilroy CA DP4 Pro NA POL
15 118 Baylee Bryant Elmira OR DP4 Pro NA HON
16 388 Jeff Martin Wasco CA Prod Turbo CAM
17 385 Jeff Ratliff Canyon Lake CA Prod Turbo POL
18 355 Solomon Kiefer HESPERIA CA Prod Turbo CAM
19 338 RYAN HUCKS temecula CA Prod Turbo POL
20 332 Don Shapen Winnetka CA Prod Turbo POL
22 347 Reed DeBoer Porterville CA Prod Turbo POL
23 306 MARIO CABRALES Upland CA Prod Turbo CAM
24 394 Mandy McClaren Lawrenceburg TN Prod Turbo CAM
25 330 Kevin Self Ridgecrest CA Prod Turbo POL
26 328 Seth Jones Hemet CA Prod Turbo POL
27 304 Von Trunck Cathedral City Ca Prod Turbo CAM
28 311 Josh Tanner Anaheim CA Prod Turbo POL
29 402 Zachary Michel Phelan CA Prod 1000 POL
30 420 JOHN CONNOLLY Tustin CA Prod 1000 KAW

Class Results from Day 2 of the 2023 Cali Rally are as follows (Note see the Cali Rally Homepage for current standings after two days of the Cali Rally):

DP4 Racing Report Generated: 11/4/2023 5:35:10 PM
6 – 11/3/2023 – Round 5-Cali Rally Day 2
DP4 Pro Class
Place Racer# Racer Name Brand City,ST Laps Total Time
1 50 Zach Quiroz CAM Barstow, CA 4 1:59:21.004
2 45 Carter Kawell POL Crestline, CA 4 1:59:35.464
3 47 Brian Mundell CAM Big Bear City, CA 4 1:59:52.835
4 19 Ethan Groom POL Temecula, CA 4 2:05:23.400
5 8 Alex Berg POL Lake Oswego, OR 3 2:47:20.236
6 44 Nicholas McPhee POL Riverside, CA 1 0:32:48.109
DNF 3 David Placencia POL Hesperia, CA 0 0:00:00.000
Pro Production Unlimited
Place Racer# Racer Name Brand City,ST Laps Total Time
1 203 Jeff Goldsmith POL Columbia, TN 3 2:06:56.968
DNF 264 Sean Krepsz Jr POL Riverside, CA 0 0:00:00.000
DP4 Pro NA Class
Place Racer# Racer Name Brand City,ST Laps Total Time
1 102 Ricky Brabec HON mohave valley, AZ 4 2:05:12.844
2 156 Hyles Hersley KAW Ridgecrest, CA 4 2:08:40.507
3 118 Baylee Bryant HON Elmira, OR 4 2:09:13.639
4 105 Zachary Kisman KAW Sparks, NV 4 2:17:36.871
5 199 STEVE KNIGHT HON YUCAIPA, CA 4 2:24:28.939
6 107 Kurt Ashley POL Gilroy, CA 3 1:48:55.051
Production 1000 Turbo
Place Racer# Racer Name Brand City,ST Laps Total Time
1 306 MARIO CABRALES CAM Upland, CA 4 2:21:42.559
2 355 Solomon Kiefer CAM HESPERIA, CA 4 2:24:36.430
3 304 Von Trunk POL Cathedral city, CA 4 2:29:16.847
4 338 RYAN HUCKS POL temecula, CA 4 2:30:31.000
5 347 Reed DeBoer POL Porterville, CA 4 2:31:41.699
6 388 Jeff Martin CAM Wasco, CA 4 2:32:30.389
7 311 Josh Tanner POL Anaheim, CA 4 2:43:53.387
8 385 Jeff Ratliff POL Canyon Lake, CA 3 2:02:35.358
9 399 DAVID KNIGHT POL BIG BEAR LAKE, CA 3 2:12:23.632
10 332 don shapen POL winnetka, CA 3 2:15:15.990
11 394 Mandy McClaren CAM Lawrenceburg, TN 3 2:39:28.739
DNF 330 Kevin Self POL Ridgecrest, CA 0 0:00:00.000
DNF 382 Seth Jones POL Hemet, CA 0 0:00:00.000
Production 1000
Place Racer# Racer Name Brand City,ST Laps Total Time
1 420 JOHN CONNOLLY KAW Tustin, CA 4 2:25:10.814
2 402 Zachary Michel POL Phelan, CA 4 2:35:39.564
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