Round 1

The 2019 Kenda/DP4 Racing Championship got underway this weekend, and with epic racing conditions it was the STOCK Artic Cat of Shawn Bigney who recorded the first ever DP4 Racing event Overall Victory!

Proving that it isn’t all about money and equipment, the husband-wife team of Shawn and Tanya Bigney took the win in dramatic fashion besting the Production 1000 Turbo class vehicle of John Connolly and Danny Reider, and the Production 1000 class car of brothers Dylan and Brady Kelly.

With four different brands represented here at round one, spectators were treated to a show of some of the fastest SXS vehicles in the west. Be it the home-built Yamaha YXZ of the Brady Brothers, or the four-seater turned two-seater Polaris RZR of the Connelly/Reider team, all of the major SXS brands were represented here at round one. One of the cleanest (and newest) looking cars was that of the father/son team of Louis and Louis Castillo who raced their hot-off-the-showroom-floor Can Am Maveric X3 in their FIRST EVER off-road race and finished a respectable 4th overall, completing all four laps in just over 3 hours.

The Castillo team of Father/Son Louis III and Louis IV are joined by pit crew member Alex Williamson.

After weeks of prep, the Kelly Brothers YXZ performed flawlessly despite flatting two tires and experiencing the only rollover of the event. Co-driver Reed McIntyre explained on the podium “Well… I had one job to do today, and that was to let Dylan NOT flip the car, and I failed at that!” In fact, Reed proved to have another job in helping to right the car before the DP4 Petroworks Roll Over crew could even get to them.

The Connelly/Reider team physically led most of the race, but suffered their own share of issues while racing. “We broke a CV join on the last lap, that slowed us down, we also had to make some suspension adjustments on one of the pit stops which really helped us to open in up in the wet conditions.” Connelly explained at the finish. “It was really a lot of fun! You guys laid out a great course, DP4 ROCKS!”

Taking the physical lead in the pits on the final lap, and leading on adjusted time from the end of the first loop, the Wildcat ran flawlessly and set a pace that could be matched by none. “The wildcat ran just like a wildcat, out front!” explained Bigney at the finish. “You guys (DP4) put on a great course, it made it easy to just open it up and fly through the desert. You guys had a great mix of real fast and real technical, a lot of the races it is either one or the other… this had a great blend.”

Spraying Champagne from the podium, the top three overall each took home something a little extra special as the DP4 Staff awarded COMPLETE SETS (4-each) of Kenda Tires to all three teams on the podium! “I think our tires are a little out of shape, those Kenda’s are going to be nice at then next one!”

In case you missed it, the DP4 Racing team flooded the internet with live content on both our Facebook and Instagram feeds all weekend long. With a commitment to support both the racers and the series, be sure to follow us on social media so that you can be a part of all the action live as it happens! Check out the recap video below, and be sure to join us at the next one on March 30th as the 2019 Kenda/DP4 Racing championship continues on with Round Two in Johnson Valley, Ca!

If you missed out on the action here at round one, don’t worry… Round two is less than 60 days away. Check out our flyer here for more info on the next Kenda/DP4 Racing Championship event!