2022 Hot Nights in Ridgecrest

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Please review the riders meeting above. Note that this is from Round one, but same information applied. Only difference here for round 4 are:

1- Covid guidelines have been dropped by the county, but please be courteous and stay away from people if you are sick or might have been exposed to someone with Covid-19

2- Race start time is 8pm. We will be racing in the DARK, lights are required!!!

3- We will mark the course with Reflectors AND ribbons. Please stop and turn around if you cannot see ANY reflectors in the dark. YOU WILL NOT MISS THEM.

DP4 Racing returns July 9 for the fourth round of the 2022 Kenda/DP4 Racing Championship presented by Method Race Wheels. The fourth round of the series features a 25-mile loop on the in the hills south of Ridgecrest between US 395 and the town of Trona!

Starting at 8pm racers should avoid must of the heat and hit the race course just as the sun is setting. We do expect extreme heat, and as is the case have made accommodations to start late, and limit the signup/tech times. Please be on time and make sure you are signed up and teched by 5pm!

Also returning for Round 4, welcome to the series Vision Canopy who is our official Canopy of the DP4 Racing Championship. Vision Canopy is the official sponsor of the DP4 Overall pro Purse. Do you have what it takes to win the race overall? Regardless of the class you enter, if you are first overall (on adjusted time) your taking home a $1500 bonus! It has been NA cars at round one and two, and 2021 Champion Chris Blais at Round Three, whos goin to take the win in Ridgecrest?

Be sure to watch the riders meeting before hitting the startline. *Riders meeting to be posted ahead of round 4 here:

REMEMBER, DP4 RACING is the ONLY PLACE where you have the chance to win a complete set of either Kenda Tires or Method Race Wheels for taking the win in an Amateur racing class! Will you join the racers here at round 4?

Our pre-entry is handled through MotoTally and can be accessed by clicking the buttons below. Please note that in order to pre-enter, you MUST be a DP4 series member first. In order to complete the two step signup process, start with the DP4 membership button below.

Again…all 2022 racing events are PRE-ENTRY ONLY. You MUST SIGN UP ONLINE ahead of the event.

Once you have signed up for the series (note that it takes approximately 24 hours to process your membership) then you are free to pre-enter for round one! Please click the button below to pre-enter for Round Four!

Once signed up, all racers and their co-drivers/pit crews must come to sign ups during open hours to obtain their wristbands.
Note that all participants must have a DP4 Transponder. Transponders are $25 and are reusable at each round!

Signups/Tech Inspection
Saturday 2:00pm-5:00pm

Entry Fees
Pro – $525 (Includes $100 pro purse)
Amateur- $425
DP4 Membership- Pro – $50 / Amateur – $25/Co-Driver Membership- $25
(CO-Driver Membership Mandatory for all co-drivers)
DP4 transponder (reusable) – $25
All classes (Pro/Am) eligible for DP401k program!

Riders Meeting
Riders meeting is mandatory for all drivers/co-drivers and will be posted here for viewing. starting Wednesday July 6 .

Driver Staging / National Anthem

Race Times
Pro/Ami – 8PM
(Note that race time is subject to delay for heat conditions if necessary)Event Coordinates
35.484555 , -117.632130
“Searles Station”
Approximately 7.5 miles south of Ridgecrest on Searles Cutoff Rd just east of US395

Loop Length – approx 25 miles
Number of Laps – 5 – Grand Prix finish, all riders record a finish regardless of number of laps completed
Riders in ALL CLASSES will record a finish after completing at least 1 lap regardless of whether or not they take the checkered flag.

Motion Pro Round Four Pit Crew Challenge 
Join us at “The Joint” in Randsburg, Ca for burgers, live music, cold drinks, and fun!
$50 entry (Donation to Roc Crew)- 3 Pit Crews Max Prize provided by Motion Pro
7:45 PM Friday – Posted to Facebook Live!

Those Side by Side Guys Live Draw for Start Positions
8 PM Friday at The Joint– Posted to Facebook Live!
*Note that you must be pre entered to be a part of the live draw

Camping Fees- FREE
Gate Fees- FREE
Look for signage off of US Hwy 395.
For more information call 949-584-9395

Results from the ‘Those Side by Side Guys’ Live Draw on 7/8/22 at The Joint in Randsburg!

1 909 STEVEN GEORGE Redlands CA DP4 Pro CAM
2 805 Jessy Nelson Paso Robles Ca DP4 Pro POL
3 T968 Bradley Howe Lake Huges CA DP4 Pro CAM
4 27 jeremy marsh Ridgecrest CA DP4 Pro POL
5 2910 Alexander Gledhill Eastvale CA DP4 Pro POL
6 2905 Jeff Taylor Canyon Lake CA DP4 Pro CAM
7 T943 David Placencia Apple Valley CA DP4 Pro POL
8 16 Kyle Ager Canyon lake CA DP4 Pro POL
9 710 Jesse Burgess Tustin CA DP4 Pro CAM
10 2958 John Kawell Yorba Linda CA DP4 Pro POL
11 5 Alex Berg Lake Oswego OR DP4 Pro POL
12 2942 Josh Fries Yucaipa CA DP4 Pro POL
13 67 Wayne Hicken Corona CA DP4 Pro POL
14 1941 Zachary Kisman Sparks NV DP4 Pro NA KAW
15 357 Ricky Brabec Hesperia CA DP4 Pro NA HON
16 1857 Josh Wakeland Wildomar CA DP4 Pro NA YAM
17 22 Dillon Sewell Anza CA DP4 Pro NA HON
18 1927 Kaden Danbury CA DP4 Pro NA POL
19 1864 Tyler Krepsz Riverside CA DP4 Pro NA POL
20 428 Von Trunk Cathedral city CA Prod Turbo POL
21 943 Mario Cabrales upland CA Prod Turbo CAM
22 427 Brian Mundell Big Bear City CA Prod Turbo CAM
23 T924 Shawn Stephey Ridgecrest CA Prod Turbo POL
24 1968 curtis walker anaheim CA Prod Turbo CAM
25 777 Bret Metcalf Bishop CA Prod Turbo POL
26 2966 Ryan Borden Reno NV Prod Turbo CAM
27 311 Jesse Hidalgo Salinas CA Prod Turbo CAM
28 2043 Ben Protas San Diego CA Prod Turbo CAM
29 725 Zach Quiroz BARSTOW CA Prod Turbo CAM
30 47 Louis Castillo III Chino CA Prod Turbo CAM
31 1021 Jeremiah Watson Filer ID Prod Turbo POL
32 231 Kevin Self Ridgecrest CA Prod Turbo POL
33 1959 don shapen winnetka CA Prod Turbo POL
34 2207 Dylan Tharp Ridgecrest CA Prod Turbo CAM
35 760 TIM BARKER 29 Palms CA Prod Turbo POL
36 41 Josh Gibbs Earp CA Prod Turbo POL
37 1022 Makaila Watson Filer ID Prod Turbo POL
38 313 Tim Unick Las Begas NV Prod 1000 POL
39 1870 Shane McCoy OAK CA Prod 1000 POL
40 911 JOHN CONNOLLY Tustin CA Prod 1000 KAW
41 96 Brandon Kobaly Laguna Niguel CA Prod 1000 ART
42 55 Keith Thompson RIDGECREST CA Prod 1000 YAM
43 1874 Kyle Krepsz Riverside CA Prod 1000 POL
44 214 Steve Knight Yucaipa CA Prod 1000 POL
45 88 SHAWN GUNNELS Ferndale WA Prod 1000 POL
46 91 GREGORY SEITZ Victorville CA Prod 1000 ART
47 2255 Zachary Michel Phelan CA Prod 1000 POL
48 694 Xander Ludwig Orange CA Stock 1000 POL
49 156 Hyles Hersley Ridgecrest CA Stock 1000 KAW
50 97 MITCHELL JENSON Corona CA Stock 1000 HON
51 227 David Crabtree Crestline CA Stock 1000 KAW
52 79 Tom Gargaliano Van Nuys CA Stock 1000 KAW